Video Game Foliage

A collection of resources for creating realistic grass, trees, and flowers in video games

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This is more of a collection of things than any one thing, mainly because I couldn’t find a single link that would summarize this topic’s true depth. But while you’re checking this page out, make sure to hit up these standouts: This tutorial, which takes you through the process of creating some grass from start to finish, this art dump from an artist responsible for vegetation in the game Battlefield 4, this tutorial for creating a low-poly oak tree, and this guide to making ivy.

There’s a lot of technical terms being flung about, but even if you don’t understand what’s going on you can still appreciate the impressive levels of consideration that go into something that seems so incidental. Futurepoly’s grass tutorial sums it up nicely: “Initially, grass might not seem like a high priority asset, but when you think about how often it’ll be used, and the portion of the screen that it covers, it makes sense to treat it with the same importance you would a character or a piece of architecture.”

Oh also, there’s way more to this topic than included in this link. If you want to stay updated on things in the video game foliage community, check out the amazing blog