Bradley "Gmunk" Munkowitz goes behind the scenes in creating ornate and futuristic interface graphics for the movie Oblivion

Look at this. This is just flat out beautiful. Not only that, but it has the very iceberg-y quality of something that someone spent hours and hours toiling over but that will only be seen for a few seconds at a time. As an added bonus (or curse?), you won’t be able to watch a sci-fi movie after this without paying very close attention to all the screens.

Watch the reel at the top of the page, click through the slideshows, and watch the interview with the director (and Gmunk) about their process. You get to see him nerd out over grids, I love it. Highlight: As intricate as the whole thing is, Gmunk still humbly refers to it as “just dots, lines, and circles, really”

Marcin Wichary goes deep to solve a keyboard bug three decades in the making

This is the perfect recipe for an iceberg — one person’s story of diving deep, not just into a software codebase but also into history and language. I would say more but it would spoil things. Highlight: Communism playing a major role. 

Creating the perfect interface for mixing colors reveals hidden complications

What color is halfway between yellow and blue? If you answered green, you’d be wrong: well, you’d be right in one way, if we’re talking about paint, but you’d be wrong in many other ways, including the way many computers interpret colors. If that sounds complicated, it’s nothing compared to what the team at FiftyThree had to go through to build the color mixer for their iPad app, Paper. Turns out there are many many different ways to interpolate colors, and none of them are quite how we experience reality. Highlight: The team actually found a method that reflected real life too closely, and had to take a different approach from there.