The Costumer's Guide lays out research and imagery related to four iconic outfits

I stumbled upon this post while trying to look up what the name for this style of suit was. I still don’t know, but I do now know a ton more about these four specific ones. Not only does the post do an amazing job cataloguing reference images (including ones taken of John’s actual suit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and screenshots from The Beatles Rock Band video game), it also does an in-depth analysis of materials, construction and accessories, and even elaborates individually on each Beatle’s outfit one by one, noting their subtle differences. I’m consistently impressed with the communities that exist on the internet that are devoted to recreating movie objects, down to the last nut or bolt or stitch. Expect more of that stuff on here. Highlight: the medals worn on their jackets were civilian medals, as opposed to military, which had a white stripe down the middle. Other highlight: The macrame tutorial.

Marc Abrahams and Nicole Sharp discuss an essay about structural engineering and fashion.

Structural engineering is probably the most important thing nobody thinks about. Except structural engineers, of course. They think about it a lot. Improbable Research, the podcast that “makes people laugh and then think”, certainly accomplishes that goal by exploring an essay that, while ridiculous on the surface, actually does spark some curiosity about the extensive amount of research that must be done on things we barely consider.

Since the page is kind of inscrutable, here’s a direct link to the audio.

Shoutout to Sarah Pavis for making me aware of this!