Faking a Video Game Leak

Rayman in Super Smash Bros? Nope, it's a hoax, although an extremely elaborate and convincing one

I love this video because even if you know nothing about Super Smash Bros, you can still appreciate the process of replicating something in excruciating detail. This is art forgery, but for an Internet era.

The amount of work that needs to be done to produce a shaky, low res, 20 second video of a single screen of this video game (seen at :26 in the video, or separately here) includes, but is not limited to: Creating not one, but two pieces of original digital artwork imitating the art style of the game; isolating a series of small moving elements of the user interface, pixel by pixel and frame by frame; and recreating a handful of barely noticeable graphical elements that swish onto the screen for a mere second.

Omni knows he has to do all this because he knows that skeptical forum goers will scrutinize endlessly, tearing apart every frame and zooming into every pixel, looking for the tiniest crack in the facade. And after all that, people still thought it was real. Well done, Omni. As the top YouTube comment on the video says: “this was a shit ton of work just to fuck with people”.