Beating Super Mario With Half A Button

pannenkoek2012 beats a Super Mario 64 level by pressing the A button...0.5 times?

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If you’re new to the world of speedrunning, prepare for a wild ride. Videogame speedrunners are people who make it their goal to beat a game in the fastest way possible, typically by some combination of incredible dexterity and clever exploitation of the game’s systems and glitches. Though this particular video doesn’t have the goal of beating it the fastest, instead its goal is to beat the game with the fewest amount of button presses.

And oh boy does it exploit the game’s systems and glitches.

I can’t explain anything as well as pannenkoek2012 does, with his incredibly detailed and clear diagrams and commentary, so I’m not going to try. But be prepared for a whirlwind tour of just how deep you can go when you decide you’re going to take a game and push it to its absolute limits. Highlight: Parallel Universes. I’ll leave it at that.